Super gigantic giveaway coming soon!


I can’t tell you the details yet but we are very happy that we will be participating in one of the largest giveaways I have ever seen.  Details will be forthcoming shortly but let me tell you, the prize we will be giving away is staggering.  Really.


John in Norway

I hope its’ our world leaders giving out the truth about the aliens! I know in my heart that they use Tablet PCs, I just want the government to admit that they know it too.


Am I alone in finding these giveaway contests infantile and stupid? I say drop them and concentrate on more interesting subjects.


Psssst James,

*wink wink*
I got a half bottle of water and three day old pizza. If this giveaway goes to me…I can hook you up. Might even throw in several slightly nibbled on cookies. Just something to think about.


Mike Cane

Whatever it is, I’m already making room for it.


Watch: It’ll be some frikkin contest with QUESTIONS.

I hate questions!


Here I am, making some noise from South America :P
We want some details!!!

;) Peregrino


What is it already!?
Whenever you guys say big, it’s BIGGGG. lolz


Mike Cane

None of you get to win this one!

The contest is, Who is the best Mike Cane!

You pack of greedy buggers…

And oh yeah, I’d be damned happy if it included the HTC Advantage! I’d probably get lots of use out of it. I just don’t think it’s worth *paying for*. (Bloody hell, $869 at J&R! Hello!)


Whatever it is, us European and other international readers will be hoping it’s open to us too! :)


Any word on when we’ll know? Otherwise I have to sit here for the next ten hours refreshing the page :p


Let me guess… An all expense paid trip to Mobile Tech Manor, dinner with the MoTR crew and a full day to use your cool gadgets?

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