Where's Your Web Excitement?

Remember the early days of the internet? (Or depending on how old you are, remember when you first discovered the internet?) For most of us, that was a time of magic: discovering hundreds of different interests and distractions, learning that search engines could bring everything to your fingertips, joing communities and connecting with other people. As web workers, we’ve gone on to harness the web for our careers. Meanwhile, the web itself hasn’t been standing still either; every time you wake up, there’s something new and innovative out there.

The question is: are there still parts of the internet that have that early magical feeling for you? Are you excited by the latest Web 2.0 sites, or social networking, or projects like Microsoft Silverlight or Adobe AIR? Why not share your finds and help the rest of us get out of the mid-week doldrums? If there’s some part of the web that keeps you coming back for more, what is it?

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