Kevin’s golfing today


Golf_swing_120894_2Just so everyone doesn’t really think that I’m a slave driver that keeps Kevin chained to a computer all day, he is having a much-deserved day golfing in the Poconos.  Join me in wishing for Kevin to "break 100", something that he very well might do.  Have fun on the links buddy!


Kevin C. Tofel

And I’m back from what I like to call the “100 – 100 – 100” activity. 100 miles to drive to the golf course with positive thoughts. 100 or more strokes to play (107 today, which is a shame because I was looking at sub-100 after the first 9). 100 miles of driving home in anguish.

Ah, as they say: a bad day of golf is better than a good day at the office. Then again, all my days at the office are good days with the great readers we have here. Thanks for the kind thoughts!


Great, now he’s going to start reviewing the millions of golf gadgets out there. :-)

Andrew Beery

So it was unclear… was that break 100 for 9 or 18 holes?


Keep your head down and follow through Kevin. Then again, I have yet to break 100 so take my advice with a grain of salt.

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