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img crossloopCrossLoop‘s free secure screen sharing application has always been an extremely handy way to provide remote desktop support, and the opening of their new Help Marketplace adds a whole new layer to their service.

By allowing you to build a profile of your skills to share with the public at large, CrossLoop now becomes a viable outlet to promote your business and services beyond friends and family.

The new Marketplace profiles allow you as a “Helper” to post a description of you and your offerings as well as your pricing and areas of expertise. It logs and displays your help sessions and any ratings or feedback you receive while using the CrossLoop application.

For the “Helpee” in need of assistance, an easy search option lets you find helpers who have the expertise you need. You can then sort and filter by location and language. Results are plentiful if not overwhelming. For example, a search for Outlook brings back 360 results. I am thinking a wizard approach might be more useful to pre-filter results to a more manageable level.

Overall, I find the addition of the provider profiles and marketplace to be very well done, particularly the way the web site and application mirror each other with a similar look and feel.

I have always found CrossLoop to be a handy tool in my support arsenal. Folks appreciate that it is easy to install and requires zero configuration. It is 100% permission based and requires an explicit request for assistance and approval step before any information is transfered. The addition of the Marketplace makes it a much more useful tool for a service provider to locate potential clients.

As a Web Worker, it can also be a good place to find help you may need be it for support or perhaps to outsource design or photoshop work for example.

CrossLoop is currently PC Only and leads generated through the Marketplace are currently free, although I imagine this will change.

Can you see value in having your profile listed in the CrossLoop Marketplace? What tools do you use to provide remote support?

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Scott – a humongous thanks for covering our exciting launch and bringing it to your readers!!

To address some of your points in the post:
– we do intend to port CrossLoop across various ports like Mac
– The Marketplace is free with the launch for a limited time. We do intend to introduce fees with ample notice and details to all our users

I liked your ‘wizard’ suggestion and will pass it on internally. Its a good problem to have for a small company since we have seen an awesome adoption of our tool by Helpers across the world :)

Thanks once again and please feel free to email me if you or your readers have questions.

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