AOL Buys Fantasy Football Site Fleaflicker


AOL has acquired Fantasy Football site Fleaflicker for an undisclosed amount, Mediapost reported. The site will be added to AOL Sports, whose existing fantasy football offerings were described as “modest” by Bill Wilson, VP for programming at AOL (NYSE: TWX). The company will roll out Fleaflicker under the AOL Sports banner by July. The acquisition comes just as AOL veteran Lewis Dvorkin is leaving his post as SVP, AOL News and Sports. Dvorkin was one of the architects behind AOL’s push to make the portal channels more “blog-like” and had also helped create new sites like AOL Sports


Zach Harris

So now that flea flicker has been bought out by a huge organization as well, I feel that there should still be free fantasy football sites for the little man. I have created this website called that does that along with some smaller fantasy games. Hopefully we can still keep fantasy football free and customizable without having to pay for live scoring and such…


Fleaflicker = 2,931 monthly uniques estimate at So, was the undisclosed sum a thousand dollars or perhaps even two?

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