Turn your phone into a dual SIM device with DuoSIM


Dual_mobile_sim_cardsAre you a double-SIM card owner that’s frustrated by swapping SIM cards in-and-out of the same phone repeatedly? How does $28 and less than three-minutes of effort sound to address that issue? That’s all it takes as evidenced by the above Red Ferret Journal video. In it, you’ll see the DuoSIM that goes inside your GSM phone. It’s basically a flexible, thin-film cable that connects two SIM cards; bear in mind you’ll need a wee bit o’ space between your phone and the battery cover for this to work. Just place one end of the DuoSIM in your SIM slot, pop your cards in and you’re good to go. Once your phone is powered on, you can switch between the two, assuming the phone OS supports it.

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