Today's News from Debbie Downer


I think I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning, but everything in the news seems a little depressing, today from Motorola, which saw its handset sales drop by 39 percent in the first quarter and is not expecting to split its businesses until 2009, to news that formal hearings are expected in July for the four music labels suing Irish ISP Eircom. I’m sad over Moto losing its design edge (and not putting touch in its phones until 2009!) and more than a little frustrated at the music labels for pursuing such a case.

Even Steve Ballmer suggesting that Microsoft might keep XP on the shelves with enough “customer feedback” doesn’t inspire me to make any jokes about clapping your hands and saying, “I believe in XP.” I’m hoping a second cup of coffee and a meeting with a bunch of college students to talk about blogging will make life seem a bit more fun.


Stacey Higginbotham

@Om, the sun is not shining, but visiting a class of 30 budding journalists who still have faith in the future of the media was uplifting. Plus, I got a cookie.


The XP story actually encourages confidence in XP, I think. It’s Vista that is undermined by this news. Personally, I am an XP fan and am glad to hear it.


“….but we want a baayyyybeeee…”

the really sad news this spring? all of those friends and family folks around the monty&co mysql community wondering how they’re now gonna get rich ;)

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