Sharp Willcom D4: Vista in your hand for $1,526


Those outside of Japan won’t get any subsidized deal on the Sharp Willcom D4 clamshell computer. Nope, you’ll have to order from an importer and add your own WWAN connectivity. Jenn at Pocketables found that Geekstuff4U is taking pre-orders for the D4: $1,526 and some spare change gets you on the list for a late June delivery if all goes well. That puts the D4 in the same price range as an OQO with a similar feature set, although the D4 is a clamshell, not a slider.I’m still not sold on how well Vista will run on a 1.33 GHz Centrino Atom and I don’t have any coin left after purchasing my Q1 Ultra Premium anyway. Does anybody else’s gadget-bank have enough dough in it for the D4?


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