Retro-tech: cassette shell plays MP3s from SD card



My recent twenty-year high school reunion brought back some great memories: cutting class at the local Dunkin’ Donuts, late night arcade runs with pockets full of quarters, and a classmate’s first new car. I’ll never forget that low-cost Hyundai Excel, the only option being a cassette deck to play the latest Kylie Minogue tune. I hear she’s making quite a comeback, although I don’t think you can buy a cassette tape of her new tunes.You could drop $40 for this cassette-formed MP3 player from ThinkGeek though. It has an SD slot where you can load up to 2 GB worth of MP3 files for playback through some ‘phones. Or you could pop it in the cassette deck of that ol’ Hyundai and jam on the road. Sorry folks from the thirty-year reunion: I don’t see an 8-track version although there’s bound to be one out there eventually.(via CrunchGear)

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