PenAttention: a must for presenters with Tablet PCs

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PenattentionPresenters using Tablet PCs, take note: you’ll want to download the free PenAttention application before unveiling your next Power Point. PenAttention was written by Kenrick Mock, an associate Computer Science professor up at the University of Alaska in Anchorage. Time and time again he was frustrated by the miniscule on-screen dot of ink that appears when hovering a pen over the Tablet PC. Pretty hard to highlight the latest and greatest handwritten bit of info in OneNote when you have “OneDot” to work with no?Problem solved with PenAttention, the free application Kenrick wrote to address the issue. After installing it on XP Tablet Edition or Vista, you’ll have the option in your system tray to activate one of three on-screen pen modifications. You can have a highlight around the ink dot (shown), a pencil icon or a standard cursor icon. Great idea and one that would be nice to see become native on the Tablet PC editions of Windows. I might even download it just to write in ink with the little pencil. Oh, bonus points for the first person to solve for “n” in the above equation… but you have to show your work. No guesses.

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Thanks for the blog writeup! As a regular jkontherun reader, I was pleasantly surprised to see a link when I browsed my RSS feeds this morning.

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