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OpenID Marches On

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We’ve written about OpenID, the growing standard for universal login across web sites, several times. If you’ve gone to OpenID, two new developments are worth a quick look.

ScreenshotFirst, JanRain (who run the myOpenID provider service) have come out with an ID Selector widget for web developers. Drop their javascript on your page, and they’ll create a control to make it easy for a user to pick their own provider and sign in to your site. Lowering the friction of OpenID use will contribute to its spread.

ScreenshotSecond, for those worried about the security of OpenID, check out TrustBearer. They combine OpenID with a separate hardware authentication token for greater control over your identity. They’ll sell you a USB authentication device for $40, or you can use their service with many existing smartcards or biometric devices – even your national identity card if you happen to live in Finland or Belgium.

6 Responses to “OpenID Marches On”

  1. Nice post Mike, if you do not want to spend $ on extra hardware Vidoop has a pretty neat thing called the ImageShield that we use on our OpenID provider It issues you a one time random access code based on images categories you see when you login. Pretty simple and requires no extra software or hardware for the user to install…

  2. Aswath: The idselector is totally configurable by the RP and OP’s that distribute it, the goal is not to play favorites. Seatbelt is great and we encourage users to download and use it. But for those users (the majority) who don’t have it installed, the idselector can make a difference in ease of use.

  3. Just wanted to throw in an alternate way of increasing your OpenID security on the cheap. Verisign’s PIP OpenID Service allows you to assign those $5 PayPal Security Keys to your account, thus adding two-factor authentication. I recently wrote about it on my site if anyone is looking for more information on that.

  4. This development is not good news for OpenID movement. ID Selector widget is a defensive step taken by JanRain in response to ClickPass. Both of them will end up playing favorite to a handful of providers. Seatbelt plugin developed by Verisign is much more neutral to ID providers and meets all the stated objectives of these services – simplified user experience. For these reasons, our application, which uses only OpenID, shall not use these “button” schemes.