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Mmmm, Delicious Library 2 Looks About Ready

I – along with much of the rest of the Mac-using world – have been waiting for Delicious Library 2 for quite a while. Seems like we’ve been hearing about how awesomer the second incarnation of the media tracking application will be, for years. I know it’s not that extreme, but anticipation makes everything seem to take longer, so don’t go calling Vaporware!

Weldon points out that Wil Shipley Twittered the closing bell on the application’s readiness a couple days ago. I hope Weldon’s assumption is correct – it’ll be pretty sweet to re-catalog all my stuff prior to packing it up for a move…

Thanks for the tip Weldon – you’d better be right!

8 Responses to “Mmmm, Delicious Library 2 Looks About Ready”

  1. I am amazed that they didn’t change the design of the Website…also, 3 years in the making for this?

    *They will never recover from Mike Matas leaving them…he was DL!

  2. I was initially really interested in DL version 2, but development progress was just too glacially slow I’m afraid. They won an apple award for DL2 and they are in real danger of not releasing it before the next awards are given out.

    Like others, I got bored of waiting and went to the pedias. Bruji listens to their users, most of my gripes were fixed by my suggestions to them within days, and their representatives are extremely active on the forums helping out and gathering feedback.

  3. ok, well the sampling I’ve spoken with is excited. In my little world, that makes me right. :)

    My media library is admittedly mid-level at best, so maybe it’s better to say that DL is best suited for less extreme collections? Either way it sure is purty…

  4. Delicious Library is so overrated!!!

    @ Twist – “…Feature requests take forever, bug fixes take forever, and major updates take even longer”

    So true.

  5. I like Delicious Library but I got tired of waiting for them on just about everything. Feature requests take forever, bug fixes take forever, and major updates take even longer. Oh yeah and opening my library took forever as well. I switched to the pedia family of applications and I can’t imagine looking back.

  6. Scott H

    “Much of the rest of the Mac-using world”? Overstate much? Lots of us are more than happy to use DVDpedia and the other pedias to manage our media. We prefer the customizability and extensibility of the pedias, not to mention how cartoony and ugly DL looks. Plus, the Bruji developers have put out something like 20 updates, most with new features, in the time that DL has been stuck on version 1. I’m just a happy user, I have no affiliation with the company. But I tried DL first, and I’m very glad I kept looking and found something so much better and more advanced.