Marvel’s New Digital EVP Thinks of Fans

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Man, there’s been a lot of comics related news this week. Marvel Entertainment is keeping it going with its serious push into online territory. Marvel just hired former Sony Pictures Digital EVP Ira Rubenstein to head up its new Global Digital Media Group. With big budget high-profile motion pictures like Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk on tap for this summer, what does Rubenstein have in mind for online?

I spoke with Rubenstein yesterday about his plans. Since he just started his new gig, he wouldn’t get too specific about budgets or plans to launch dedicated web series, but he definitely has the Marvel faithful in mind.

In a digital world, you definitely need to embrace the fan community and how you brings these characters to the space… How do you give them the applications and assets to incorporate on their own?

While Rubenstein is still plotting out what that means, exactly, he does believe that comics have a leg up in the digital world when compared with traditional movie studios.

I think it’s just different in how a studio is equipped to handle a character brand. They don’t always know if there’s going to be sequel. Think about Indiana Jones. What has Paramount done since the last three? They haven’t done anything. In a comic book world where you’re publishing every week, you’re constantly telling new stories with these characters and engaging with consumers.

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