Is Someone Building a New Stage6?


Is some die-hard DivX fan trying to resurrect the shuttered Stage 6 video sharing service? Ghacks was tipped by a commenter to Stage6 clone

The site is live with the messages “DivX Stage6 returns here on April 29th 2008,” and “Stage6 Alternative / Clone.” There are also some status indicators saying the backbone and media servers are online, the GUI is completed, and the Divixit Core coverter is “near completion.”

Update: How quickly things change. Kevin alerted us in our comments that DivXit now redirects to and the launch has been pushed back to May 6th. There’s also a Q&A section that has some basic answers, but not much detail. Here’s a snippet:

Q: Will [Vreel] have the video database that Stage6 used to have?

A: No, Vreel is simply using the DivX codec & webplayer in order to provide the public with a free, High Definition video-streaming website. We have no official Affiliation with the DivX corperation, or the Stage6 platform. Our Video database will be built from the ground up from day one onwards. And once again, we’d like to express our thanks to DivX for allowing us to use their codec and webplayer for this platform.

Though uses the DivX logo, DiVx corporate told us it has no affiliation with upstart, and there is no contact information on the site.

Stage6 was shut down earlier this year as the video sharing site had grown too expensive to maintain and was facing potential legal action. The official Stage6 site currently suggests Veoh for people to upload and share video (though many jumped ship to Vimeo). isn’t the only entity out there who can’t let go of Stage6, is asking for donations as it tries to build its own replacement.



Justink is full of crap – they’re just trying to dissuade people from visiting vreel, and instead flock to low-quality and poorly run alternatives.

Gooo Vreel! :D (open beta next week!!!)

jayjay has been online a couple of months now, not exactly stage6 when it comes to community but the streaming speeds are high and video don’t get compressed


well apparently there was supposed to be some “big news” today… April 29th 2008 from, but I have yet to see any discussion about it on forums, or a press release, etc. I’m starting to think this website is run by a couple of high school kids who are playing a big “APRIL FOOLS!” joke.


This is a brilliant business plan, find a company that failed and emulate their model! Hope someone does it though, bandwidth keeps getting cheaper and certain countries have different copyright laws so maybe it could work, Stage6 was great.

Kevin G

UPDATE: is now and is now expected to launch May 6th

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