Blog Post Wants to Enable Your Team's Collaboration, aims to be a catch-all for teams seeking collaboration.  This Swiss army tool of a collaborative site includes ‘Modules’ that enable various degrees of functionality, based on your teams’ needs. currently offers:

  • chat
  • blogs
  • wikis
  • mailing lists + forums
  • photo albums
  • links (centralized bookmarks)
  • maps
  • subgroups
  • personal profiles
  • calendaring

screenshot has smartly offered these tools in such a way to capitalize on your existing assets on the web.  That is, your list of links can be based off links already existent on, your photo gallery can be made up of pictures from Flickr, log entries can come from an exisitng blog on the web, and finally, collaborative member’s updates can come from Twitter, if they wish.

These modules exist on an attractive webpage that contain your own template, absent of any branding.  Modules can be customized through extensive preference options.  No ads or branding exist on the site, including the emails that are sent out from the service to users.  Want to access your site on your mobile phone?  No problem – just surf to your site’s mobile address.’ main advantage to collaboration is they allow you to leverage assets your team already has established on the Internet.  Similar to Tumlr, this means you don’t have pictures, links, and other assets existing in multiple places, minimizing maintenance.