Sony Ties Up With 13 Indian Developers For PS2 Games

Despite the advent of the powerful-but-expensive PS3, Sony (NYSE: SNE) appears to be keen on making the most of the success of the PS2 in India. There are around 325,000 PS2s in India (market price – around Rs. 7000), while Sony reportedly sells around 1200 PS3s a month. Business Standard reports that Sony has tied up with 13 game developers in India, including Dhruva, DQ Entertainment, Indiagames and Trine Studios, for PS2 games. The games “could” be priced at less than Rs. 499 per title, and they’re also considering Wii-like motion sensing games. More at BS.

Readers should bear in mind that packaged games come under the “packaged software” and if the cost of games were to come down despite an increase in duty, margins for Sony will be squeezed. That could also be a reason for the local development push. Sony claims to be also “supporting developers” by lending them the developers kit (worth Rs. 3.17 lakh) at subsidised rates. Wow…such sacrifice.