LapWorks Futura Lapdesk: good for home and away


The LapWorks lapdesk I ordered last week arrived yesterday and I’m very happy with the $30 purchase already. Here’s a look at the ergonomics and heat dissipation issues I’m solving with it. It’s working really well in my home office, but is light enough to be used on the road as well. Sorry for all the camera jitter; my production crew took the day off. They said something about a strike until I get a haircut…



To Pam T.

Actually, I was going to correct Kevin on just that point; I have owned this device for about 6 months now & in lap-desk mode, you do actually flip it over from the way he showed in the video. The Laptop does sit on the “grippy” side….not the side with the lip. That way, the weight of the machine keeps the lap-desk out straight.
It is a very useful device & I use it extensively at my desk & also on my lap while watching TV or even sitting in bed. I currently use a Dell e1705 (while eagerly awaiting my HP TX2000z), which, as you can imagine, is not exactly comfortable on one’s lap for any length of time. The Lapworks Lap-Desk makes life a lot easier & more comfortable.
I heartily agree with Kevin, well worth the $30!

Pam T.

Is “grippies” a highly technical term? :)

But I do want to ask, you opened the lapdesk and indicated in full lap mode (instead of desk stand mode) the laptop would sit on what looked like the inside V side – the side with a lip, it looked like. Wouldn’t you set the notebook on the same side as the desktop mode? Where the “grippies” are?

Mark H

Thanks for demonstrating it in tablet mode. It’s very hard to get tablet stands. This seems ideal – mobile and multiple uses.

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