Google Calendar Sync updated: removes attendee, organizer requirement in Outlook


Calendar_89955b_enA small but important update hit Google Calendar Sync yesterday. The application launched last month and offered up two-way event synchronization between calendars in Google and Outlook. Unfortunately, you either needed to be the event organizer or an attendee on the Outlook side for the event to show up on your Google Calendar. Version addressed that issue and can be found right here. Folks running a prior version should get this one via an auto-update. I’ve had zero issues with the application so far, although I’m still waiting for support of multiple calendars like I have with BusySync between iCal and Google.



I havent found a good use for the calendar function yet.
I use google as e-mail system and not as organizer.
There are loads of useless nicknacks around google mail.


I just found this mobile sync feature last week and have been using it to keep my Blackberry calendar in sync with my Google calendar wirlessly. This is the missing link I have been looking for since my wife and I share our google calendars with each other. Now I can see if she has added something to “our” calendar before I log into my computer in the evenings.

I know you can also wireless sync Google calendars with Goosync, but to sync a Blackberry via Goosync requires the purchase of additional software. Google’s sync feature for mobiles is free and makes working in the cloud more feasable for us little guys.

Thank you Google.

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