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Curse of the “Pod”

PodShow is the latest company to ditch that oh-so-2005 name by switching to the relatively meaningless Mevio this week. Others who have dropped the “pod” include EveryZing (nee PodZinger) and VoloMedia (nee Podbridge).

Can you escape the curse of the pod? It’s not looking too good for companies like podcast search engine Podscope, which hasn’t updated its blog since 2005, or podcast network PodTech, which has seen the departure of all the memorable personalities it’s been associated with (Robert Scoble, Irina Slutsky, Steve Gillmor, John Furrier). Then again, Odeo‘s original incarnation fell through, and the second one is way slow out of the gate, so maybe it’s not just the name. Who’s left? Podango, Podtrac? Are you surviving the curse of the “pod”?

11 Responses to “Curse of the “Pod””

  1. Real Reporting

    It would be great to see some real reporting on this story. For example why is there a curse why aren’t these companies doing well when the entire audio and video consumption is going well.

    Liz – get on it.

  2. The new Odeo site is just weeks away from being released. It has been completely re-architected in all aspects — technology, content and UI.

    Consumers are still looking for an effective way to discover fresh and interesting content and producers need an effective means to interact with and grow their audience. The new Odeo is focused on serving both.

    Liz, If you would like an invite to the beta, please send me an email and if anyone else would like a preview, feel free to do the same.

    [email protected]