Comcast: AT&T is Messing with Our Network

The fight for your TV service could escalate as allegations arise that AT&T’s U-Verse is messing with Comcast’s network, according to Ars Technica.

The problems occur when customers combine services — using U-Verse for television and Comcast for an Internet connection. Data travels along different paths getting to the home, but once inside, both use coaxial cable, which appears to be the root of the problem.

Allegedly, some “feedback” from U-Verse heads back upstream, beyond the house, and gets all up in Comcast’s network, disrupting service for everyone else on the node. This could be caused by the two services using similar frequencies or by filters that aren’t working right.

Comcast says the problem is due to poor installation of U-Verse and wants a temporary restraining order from a judge. A Comcast rep told Ars:

“AT&T has been aware of this problem for more than a year and yet they have been unresponsive and have no sense of urgency in addressing or fixing it. AT&T should act like a good corporate citizen and work with Comcast to resolve this privately.”

Not surprisingly, AT&T says Comcast’s suit “lacks merit” and the cable company is just trying to keep AT&T out of the market.

AT&T has been on a tear lately, and could add close to a million U-Verse subscribers by the end of the year. But if the allegations are true, Comcast’s suit gives cable ammunition for its ongoing regulatory battles with telcos rolling out video service across the country.