One Response to “Is Europe Forcing Apple To Rethink Its iPhone Strategy?”

  1. Keshav Dahiya

    Apple shud reconsider its strategy to market iPhone…esp the 3G version to be charging the market in June…..what they need is to target the Developing nations like India, Brazil, Middle West Asia and of course Eastern Europe….europe being a risky buziness rite now….but a few nations with/without contract will do gud…….after all they just need to sell a phone….and rest all is consumer…..
    It takes not even a minute to unlock the iPhone even in USA…and even if your phone crashes….Apple always supports you and prompts you to get back to factory setup….to restore and crack it again….only you are unlucky to screw it again….but that g;e is hardly 5%….on the contrary dev nations like India and Brazil have a massive customer base who thrive on there mobiles and can restore the losses…..if any.
    Mr Jobs need to think out of box for a while if he really wants to take a lead…..