The sub-$1,000 portable device challenge


Advfull2Fellow MobileTechRoundup podcast co-host, Matt Miller, poses a great question. He’s trying to figure out what mobile device meets his needs but costs less than a grand. Just a year or two ago, this might have been much easier to answer because there were far fewer choices available. Matt has taken advantage of the growing wave of handsets and ultra-portables by outlining many of the one’s he bought, reviewed or used of late. Each has its pros and cons of course, and since everyone’s needs are different the devices that work best for him might not be best for you.Still, if you’re looking for a good overview of the choices under $1,000, his article is a nice starting point. In it, he offers commentary on the Apple iPhone, Nokia’s N800/N810, the WiBrain B1, the HTC Advantage, the Asus Eee PC 700, the new Asus Eee PC 900, the HP Mini-Note, and Celio’s REDFLY. Part of me wishes that Matt would up the price point a wee bit because I think the Samsung Q1 Ultra Premium would work well for him; unfortunately, that device is about 25% out of price range.We’ve covered quite of few of these devices as well, so if any intrigue you after reading Matt’s article, you can find them here:



My choice was a Wibrain B1H. Works for me. A simple wire-frame business card holder makes a great stand.

Ricky B.

I have an N810, and it may be that it’s what fits his needs — this is coming from someone who thinks of Linux as his primary OS, though. The two big downsides for me are that it is bad at multitasking (3-4 apps should be your max) and the internal GPS is so bad as to be useless; you need to stand still for about 3-4 minutes for it to get a fix — if you are moving it never will.

The battery life is great… I use mine pretty heavily, and its never run out of battery on me.

I’m thinking about getting a new device myself, though — the full-sized built-in keyboard on the HP is very tempting.


… If you don’t need the tablet interface, I’d recommend the 10″ Fujitsu P7230 with U2500 Core Duo processor.


After going through the same process a few months ago, I believe the P1610 provides the best combination of value, mobility and performance. New and refurbished systems with MSRP over $2000 are now available for under $1000 at the Fujitsu store on eBay.

Matthew Miller (aka palmsolo)

I don’t know if there is any official word on this, but there is no reason that the hardware cannot be upgraded to WM 6.1 and since the Advantage was sold as an unlocked device I think HTC will provide an upgrade for 7501 owners. If not, there will always be XDA-Developers ;)


Are existing users of the HTC Advantage x7501 going to get an upgrade to WM 6.1? I’d like to get a better browser without having to buy new hardware.

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