TBS Streams Seinfeld, Yada, Yada, Yada

Break out your puffy shirts, TBS has started streaming full episodes of Seinfeld, giving the network a new place to sell ads while giving the finger to Mac users who won’t be able to watch.

MediaPost speculates that the show about nothing is only legally available online at TBS. And just like shows on Hulu, the entire Seinfeld catalog unavailable all at once. Instead, four episodes (sporting a pre-roll) are rotated through on a regular basis.

But you won’t get to enjoy those muffin tops if you’re on a Mac. Turner’s shows are only available in Windows because the network uses Microsoft DRM. It’s kind of amusing that they go to those lengths to protect a show that is more than a decade old with least three episodes in running in syndication every day on TV. It’s not exactly scarce.