Nokia’s “Comes with Music” offering adds Sony BMG


03_nokia_comes_with_music_lowresSony BMG now stands with Universal as the supporting lables behind Nokia’s “Comes with Music” plan. To rehash: the music plan will be a free bundle included with a new Nokia device. I say “free”, but it’s more likely that at least some of the music cost is built in to the compatible device. The nice part is: you can download catalog music to your heart’s content for a year. The tracks do have DRM-protection, but even after the year, you can listen to them or transfer them to a new Nokia device or computer. Nokia expects to launch the service with devices in the second of half of 2008.It all sounds good on paper, but I’d like to see how the implementation goes from a end-user perspective before making any judgments. If the price of the device was only increased marginally, say 10-15% at most, would you say this is a good deal? What’s the tipping point for you?

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