Funny or Die to Level Up Into Video Games


Funny or Die, as part of its effort to expand its “____ or Die” franchise, over the next six weeks will add a video games site to its roster. After celebrating its one-year anniversary, Funny or Die CEO Dick Glover talked with us about some of the upcoming plans for his online network including expansions, revisions and even original productions.

Glover kept mum on most details of the new video game site, but did spill a few tidbits. “The video game site will not be a game-playing site,” said Glover. “If we became a game-playing site, that actually limits who we could partner with, who we could align with, and advertisers we could get.”

A games site with no games seems to miss the whole point, but Glover was undeterred. “We want to do a very broad-based site. Whether you’re my age and playing Pac-Man is your idea of a video game, or you’re younger and at the highest levels of Halo 3, or you’re in a retirement home, we’re going to have something for you on this site.”

Huh. Well, we’ll see. But video games isn’t the only place into which FoD is expanding. The company’s also going global.

“We’re looking at at least two international sites,” over the next couple of months, said Glover. The sites ported over will depend on the location, he said. “Action sports might be big in one region, [while in] another region comedy might be better.”

Funny or Die raised $15 million back in December 2007 and while Glover didn’t give specific numbers, he said that advertisers are paying premium CPMs to be associated with the professional content across the sites. He did note that not every aspect of the business is performing as well as the company would like. Southern humor site Blue Collar or Die, for example, hasn’t caught on with Internet audiences, so it’s being recast as a comedic take on the news of the day.

“One of the things we’re looking at is tweaking that to make the site much more contemporary,” said Glover, “to really create a site that plays off the immediacy of the news and the pop culture and take the Blue Collars and their view, because that’s where we have seen success.”

Though he wouldn’t comment on how much they currently spend on making videos, Glover confirmed that the company is exploring the possibility of a “Funny or Die Productions” to create more elaborate content and perhaps even branch out into television. “First and foremost the opportunity is in the webisode area,” said Glover. “But we also think there’s an opportunity to leverage the brand into traditional programming.”

Despite any oldteevee play, Glover reaffirmed his commitment to the web. “We are an Internet video content company and that will alway be at the top of our list.”

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Angela Wilson Gyetvan

At Revver, we’ve long noted that content ABOUT videogames does very well online — makes sense, given the similarity of audiences. I’m sure you saw the Legend of Zelda “trailer,” yes? So, as a vertical, this could play out, although the demographic may be somewhat narrower than projected.

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