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AT&T Earnings and U-Verse Update

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AT&T reported solid earnings this morning, with income of $3.5 billion on sales of $30.7 billion for the first quarter. Like last quarter, wireless revenue drove growth, but U-Verse data looked pretty good too. As Om wrote yesterday, AT&T affirmed that it’s on track to add 1 million U-Verse subscribers by the end of 2008. At the end of March AT&T counted 379,000 subscribers for the IPTV service with 148,000 net adds in the quarter. Maybe when AT&T files its 10-Q we can see what the U-Verse churn looks like.

3 Responses to “AT&T Earnings and U-Verse Update”

  1. If Project Lightspeed (U-Verse infrastructure build) is going so well then why did they just let go 265 term splicing techs in California working on the construction of U-Verse just on the 29th of August 2008? Supposedly we are 250M over budget and the rumor is that we will be letting go 400+ more by the end of next month. AT$T agreed their employment would last up to three years or till the end of the project, whichever may come first. These techs are all good, consceintious Americans (well atleast the ones I have worked side-by-side with) with families and mortgages to care for, not the “defective parts” that CEO Randall Stephenson speaks of. BTW this guy made a calculated 21M last year and stands to make more this year by letting these hard workers go. Is the U-Verse build finished or is it just corporate greed? If they let us all go how will U-Verse progress?