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Updated: Sulzberger: NYTCo Not For Sale; Full Board Slate Elected

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So Bloomberg isn’t interested in buying it and NYTCo (NYSE: NYT) chairman Arthur Sulzberger Jr. isn’t interested in selling it. He made the remarks at the company’s annual meeting in NYC today, where a compromise slate of its own board candidates and representatives of activist shareholders Harbinger is expected to be elected without a problem. Executives alway say their companies aren’t for sale (until they are), though in this case, it would take a very aggressive, hostile bid to begin talking about the company actually going on the block.

WSJ: “They are ill-informed,” Mr. Sulzberger said, referring to the reports. “The Ochs-Sulzberger family will be with the company every step of the way.”

Update: No surprise, the full slate has been elected. WSJ: “The company’s public shareholders voted in all the Class A director nominees, including the Harbinger group candidates, with at least 98 million votes in favor, or roughly 77% of Class A votes cast, according to a tally given at the meeting.”

— Sulzberger: “We are delighted to welcome our two new board members… We have no disagreement about the need for this to be a profitable company.”