Mobile Phonebook Firm Zyb Buys Danish Social Network Imity

Update: Corrected: I got it wrong the first time…the other way around: Zyb bought Imity. Zyb, the mobile phonebook service founded in Denmark, has bought out by Danish mobile social networking company, Danish Bluetooth-based mobile social networking company, Imity, for an undisclosed sum. Zyb itself had added elements of social networking over the last year, and says a quarter of a million users have stored nearly 16 million contacts online using its service. I had been a user for almost a year until late last year, but the slowness of the service online always bothered me, and I moved away to Google (NSDQ: GOOG) Calendar and its mobile version.

Imity is less than a year old, and uses Bluetooth technology to connect online and offline users, and does not have any funding. Following the acquisition, Imity is now closed to new registrations, but will remain available for existing users until the Zyb Phonebook is rolled out later this quarter. The Imity team has relocated to Zyb


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