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Vid-Biz: PS3, lg15, HD TV

Sony to Launch Video Service Through PS3; company hopes third time is the charm for piping movies and TV shows directly into the home. (The LA Times)

lonelygirl15 and KateModern Characters to Meet; crossover event kinda like the Internet’s version of when Magnum P.I. met Simon & Simon. (emailed release)

People Buying Smaller HD TVs; credit crunch has people shifting to 30- to 34-inch sets, taking a bite out of the 40- to 49-inch models. (Bits Blog)

Fix8 Adds Candidate Avatars; now you can have a web video chat as Barack Obama. (TechCrunch)

Revision3 Signs Deals with Hulu and Joost; just in time for the arrival of Veronica Belmont, new media studio expands its reach. (MediaWeek) (Disclosure: Revision3 produces the GigaOM Show.)

Rambler Media Set to Launch Rambler Cinema; video service will use Hiro Media for ads, signed content from TNT and Starmedia; holding company also owns Russia’s second largest portal. (Quintura)

Edelman Launches UGC Ad Studio; aspiring filmmakers can compete to make ads for the likes of Burger King, Expedia and Butterball. (USA Today)