Skype offers unlimited SkypeOut long-distance plans


Skype_logoI’ll be adding this news to my growing list of “Reasons I want to ditch my land-line”. Skype just announced unlimited long-distance calling plans that they claim reaches one-third of the world’s population. On paper, that means I can call one of my three friends and talk as long as I want. Sweet! Now which one of the three will it be?Thirty-four destination countries are included in the unlimited plans and there are no long-term commitments. However, if you nab a 3- or 12-month plan by the end of May, you’ll get a 33% discount. Hey… what is it with the “one-third” theme? Check out the monthly rates and supported countries on the Skype press release right here. Looks like the bulk of the plans average around four Euros a month, although our States-side readers have a nice deal at just under two Euros a month. From a “fair use” perspective, Skype is defining “unlimited” as roughly 10,000 minutes per month, which works out to five-hours of daily gabbing.Since I’m at a computer nearly all of my waking hours, I actually prefer using Skype to call out to people’s cells and land-lines. It’s much more convenient as I can be hands-free and multi-task, plus the recipient doesn’t have know a whit about Skype. Meaning: it’s good for folks like my Dad. ;)


Costas Kariolis

The introduction of these new call plans from Skype should prove beneficial for the internet telephony / VoIP sector generally. Anything that helps to bring internet telephone calling further into the mainstream is very welcome.

May we mention that there are other options in the market that allow you to make unlimited calls for a flat rate such as Vonage. There are some significant differences between the services that Vonage and Skype provide that should be taken into consideration by anyone looking to make internet calls.

Firstly, call quality is a major advantage of using Vonage, our call quality is comparable with a regular landline service. Secondly, with Skype you have traditionally needed 1) your PC to be switched on to be able to make and receive calls, with Vonage you have never been reliant on your PC being switched on and 2) a headset or USB phone to be able to make internet phone calls, with Vonage you just plug in your existing home phone. Using your existing touch tone phone gives users the freedom to make unlimited calls in the way you want while you walk around your home or office.

You can find out more about Vonage at


Now … if Skype would send my SkypeIn number for caller id info when I use SkypeOut it would be perfect!

Raphael Salgado

Notably absent from the international list is the country of Israel. Oh well, I’ll just keep paying my 0.0241 cents per minute until they add it.


Thanks for Good news! I actually just switched from Skype Pro to US Unlimited plan. I don’t see how it is more expensive, Tod? With Skype Pro I paid $3 a month and with an Unlimited plan for 12 months I end up paying around $1.96 per month, paid $23 upfront. Sweet deal!
I have switched to Skype a long time ago and have a dedicated phone from Netgear.


Anyone know of any reasons why a perfectly good skype link would drop after a couple of minutes. The link to my folks in the UK keeps dropping for no real reason. I’m wondering if my US DSL provider is doing a little packet shaping… >:(


What they don’t mention is that this is a more expensive (50%+) replacement for SkypePro….

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