OS X on the HP Mini-Note the easy way

Kevin’s dabbling with OS X on his Samsung Q1 Ultra Premium got me hankering to see the great OS running on the HP Mini-Note but I don’t have the guts to do it the hard way like he did.  This past weekend I got to experimenting and found the easiest way to get it running on the HP Mini-Note.  I wanted to have the smallest MacBook around and I was able to do it very easily using LogMeIn.  It turned my MacBook Pro into a host for any PC with a web browser and the HP Mini sure has one of those so in just a few minutes I was running OS X on the Mini:



The speed was quite acceptable and this is using the free version of LogMeIn. I was very surprised to find that the HP Mini runs this better than the Fujitsu P1620. The screen updating is fluid on the Mini but choppy on the Fuji.  I even ran a Quicktime video on the Mini pretty well.


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