Mobile tech makes my father’s weekend

51fp1bcrnbl_ss260_Every time my father comes over, he makes a comment about the outdoor fire-pit that we have on our deck. He yearns for this fire-pit like it’s the best thing since Mac OS X on a touchscreen UMPC. Seriously. I was at his home over the weekend with nary a fire-pit in sight and still he makes a comment about wanting to get one. What’s a good son to do? Offer to hit Target’s website and order the darn thing, of course. Only one problem: Dad’s computer isn’t hooked up so he canceled his lowly dial-up service. Don’t worry: we’re working on the PC and getting him FiOS on my next visit. One problem at a time for those stuck in the “Analog Age” …All I had with me was my iPhone because I had planned this to be an “unplugged” weekend: no computers or web work as Barb and I had a free weekend without the kids and we need get cracking on the details for our wedding. So I pulled out my iPhone and told my Dad that we’ll get the fire-pit ordered. He couldn’t believe that I could navigate to Target, create a new account, enter credit card info, and order the fire-pit from a phone as quickly as I did. (Wait until he sees he can track the package progress via the UPS link I just sent him!) Now most of you won’t be surprised by what I did, but I always find it enlightening when those new to mobile tech have an “a-ha!” or “OMG!” moment in situations like this. Got a recent experience where your mobile tech wowed someone for the first time? Share it in the comments so my Dad doesn’t feel like he’s the only one left living under a rock.


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