Is It Me or the ISP?

This morning I had the chance to play my favorite game, “Is it just me, or is Site X down?” Turns out it was just me, or rather, my ISP, since a couple of fellow Time Warner Internet customers I called were experiencing difficulties as well. Plus, once I moved onto an AT&T DSL network, Google, Yahoo and WordPress all loaded just fine.

It’s not that they weren’t loading at all on the Time Warner network, it’s that they were loading intermittently. As someone who uses a lot of web applications, this isn’t a good thing. I have very little recourse when this happens, other than turning off my modem, router and computer and rebooting.

I thought cleaning out my cache would help, so I did that. I ran a traceroute program to see if I could spot any troubles, but with limited experience at detecting them, I didn’t find anything noteworthy. I tried to check out Down for Everyone or Just me?, but couldn’t get there. I called Time Warner for help and was told to reboot. So I did. And it worked. And then, just as suddenly (you know, right after I got off the phone) it stopped working.

So here I am in the conference room of my husband’s company, using their DSL access to blog. Any suggestions, thoughts or magic spells that might help me figure out how to fix my home network would be greatly appreciated. At this point I’m just hoping that in a few hours it will somehow fix itself. Because on the Internet, that actually happens.

Photo courtesy of Tailored Consulting


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