Internet Filling Up?

As if web workers didn’t have enough to worry about: now AT&T Vice President Jim Cicconi says we’re on the verge of exceeding the capacity of the internet to move bits around. He puts the breaking point in 2010, a scant two years away, and (of course) blames the rise of broadband for the trouble. Not to worry, he says: AT&T is investing $19 billion to upgrade the backbone, but the government needs to stay out of the way.

Of course, this may be just propaganda designed to help protect AT&T from the evil regulation of net neutrality. Web workers might need to decide fairly soon whose side we’re on in this rising debate, if Cicconi’s figures aren’t pure hyperbole. Even though many of us are historically opposed to ISPs meddling in the free flow of the internet, I have to wonder: wouldn’t it be worth paying a bit more to get a work connection that’s prioritized above your neighbor’s video downloads on the backbone?


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