Clipperz to Secure Your Passwords Online

As Web Workers, it is easy to become overwhelmed with usernames and passwords for all of the sites and services that we use. While we’ve covered password management in the past, we have come across a new entry into the field that is worthy of our attention.

img clipperzAt first glance Clipperz sounds like the answer to a Web Worker’s prayers – a single secure rolodex to collect and store any sort of confidential data without worrying about security.

Their biggest pitch, and where I see it being most useful is as an online password manager. With it, you can create a “direct login” to an online site or service and with a single click it will access and authenticate you without any typing.

It’s not just about passwords though, you can create cards of any sort to store all kinds of data. Customize it with your own fields and it can store PIN numbers, account numbers, alarm codes and such.

Obviously, security and privacy are a consideration when using such a service. I liked that no personally identifying information is required for registration, not even an email address. On the security side, Clipperz says that all data is encrypted or decrypted locally at the browser level and that even your secure passphrase is never saved or sent to the server. They make the source code available for security review and I found no indication from anyone who questioned their methods.

Clipperz seems to do everything that it advertises it will do. The interface is generally clean and attractive and I encountered no errors or issues during my testing. A great feature is being able to download an offline version of your data to your computer or USB drive.

With that said, Clipperz isn’t the most elegant solution I have used. Even with helpful bookmark features and a Firefox add-on, the process of creating cards, particularly the direct logins can be a bit klunky. It can also be easy to become overwhelmed with cards and bookmarks as managment and categorization options are currently lacking.

An experienced user would probably have no trouble working through the rough edges, but I wouldn’t yet recommend it to my parents (no offense Mom & Dad.) If you’re comfortable around the web and are in need of a free online password manager, it’s probably worth a look to see if Clipperz fits the bill for your needs.

For now it doesn’t offer a compelling enough reason for me to switch from RoboForm2Go. I’ll keep it on my radar though, some of the proposed sharing features could be useful.

Clipperz is currently free and cross browser compatible. A Community Edition can also be downloaded and installed on your own server.

How are you managing your multitudes of passwords? Would Clipperz work for you?


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