NYPost.com Homepage Takeover; Even More Of A Tabloid For GossipGirl


Among the most garish takeovers of a homepage of a major news site ever, and it has to be seen to be believed. This NYPost.com takeover by Gossip Girl comes on the same day as sister paper Wall Street Journal did its own editorial makeover. Somewhere, a little bit of WSJ soul died today after seeing this…

I’ll leave it to you to make any irony-connections between “Gossip Girl” lingo, and the main headline.



Staci D. Kramer

Didn't mean to leave that impression but it's been resolved now .. Thanks.


I don't think NYPost.com redesigned, I think they are just having an ad takeover on their site. They often do that with their PageSix section, where they reskin with an advertisers' logo/colors/etc. Other than the OMFG reskin, the homepage design and the interior of the site look the same.

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