Rant: Hulu’s “Revolutionary” Interface

These days, every meeting I do, every casual conversation I have about online video, every tech conference I attend — Hulu comes up. At least twice. “Oh, the interface is such a joy!” they say. “Hulu has really figured it out!”

Well yes, I agree that Hulu is nice, and I use it often. But come on people, it’s a web site. With a lot of white space. And some gray text. Why is this so revolutionary?

I can only find two conclusions:

1) It doesn’t take much to make people happy.

2) Everything else sucks.

So come on, are you listening, competitors? Ripping Hulu’s interface off would be like opening up a new Microsoft Word document and typing in Times New Roman size 12. Why is it so revolutionary to just strip things down and provide a list of what people are looking for? Memo to struggling video sites and applications: If you can get your video to load when people press play, you might actually get some users.


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