HP Suspends Upline Service

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ScreenshotWe’ve all seen web 2.0 services with teething pains, but here’s one with a high-profile stumble right out of the gate: HP’s Upline file storage and sharing service, announced just a couple of weeks ago (our coverage), has suspended operations. According to an email sent by HP two days ago, “we fully anticipate that suspension of the Upline Service will be temporary and short in duration, and will notify you when the Upline Service is operational again.” But there’s no hint of how long this temporary suspension will last.

Oddly enough, if you’re not currently an Upline user, everything looks fine on the site. The front page is still full of cheerful marketing encouraging you to try or buy the service. It’s only when you click through several links to actually get an account that you’ll find the stark message “The HP Upline Service is temporarily unavailable.” Fortunately, with the service being so new, it’s unlikely that many users have all their eggs in this particular basket yet.

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As of the end of May 2008, the service is still not working properly.

The 24/7 phone support is was not working.
The email support was not working.

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