My Idea for an Apple Living Room Experience

The question for the past few years has been simple: who’s going to make it into the living room first. The market is growing, features are being added, but no clear victor has been declared.

I think I may have come upon a conclusion that appeases almost everyone. Bear with me, it’s a bit loopy. I plan on purchasing an Apple TV, 40 gig (to save money at first). Then by hacking it, get it to run OS X. Understandably a bit slower then most Macs, the Apple TV will at least be able to run core applications within the OS.

Then I plan on re-installing the Apple TV software as a separate application. Not only will my Apple TV function as a both, since it’s running OS X, I can plug in my Miglia HD USB Tuner. I can use my MacBook to set up programming over the web, and have Migila default to record shows in the Apple TV format. Then have it automatically delete after viewing or save as necessary.

To get around the different subsystems, including launching applications I might need a heavier remote application. I suggest checking out Remote Buddy. The app will breath new life into your Apple remote. Not only can you launch applications, you’ll be able to function without a keyboard and mouse for most other uses within your computers platform. Here’s some extra Apple remote tips just in case. But now you’ll be able to access iTunes or iPhote, stream content, or just check out the weather using Dashboard. With Perian and OS X installed, DivX will be a cinch to install, not to mention upgrading your hard drive should be pretty straight forward.

Not only will that help get you the shows you want, but since besides YouTube, the Apple TV is a bit lacking in streaming content from the web, you’ll now be able to access Hulu right from your big screen. To make accessing Hulu even easier, you can save it as an “application” using Fluid. If you haven’t heard of Fluid, it takes your favorite web apps and creates an independent, executable application for it, icons and everything. Hell you can even Cover Flow through your RSS from your TV. No muss no fuss.

If anyone has already considered this or has tried it out, I’d love to hear about it, please comment below.


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