Golf Break – EV-DO isn’t prevalent in the Poconos yet


ClubhouseWhile James is toiling away in a Starbucks, I decided to get an early round of golf in this morning. Don’t scold me just yet because there’s a mobile tech method behind my madness. Barb and I bought property in the Pocono Mountains a few years back. The hope was that we could eventually save up to build a vacation home and then work or retire there after the kids go off to college. Or when we kick them out… that part’s still up in the air.So I drove 100 miles to our property early this morning because there’s a beautiful golf course on the premises. The round is over and I’m at the proverbial 19th hole. That’s the clubhouse in the pic above as I came up the 18th. Truth be told, the round was over just a few holes in as my golf game leaves much to be desired. And where was the crowd as I marched up the final hole?!?In any case, I was hoping to find some EV-DO coverage up here so I did some testing. I brought the Samsung Q1 Ultra Premium and it takes up less space than the sandwich I just ordered. I grabbed my Apple Bluetooth keyboard as well and it’s working great with the Q1UP. The EV-DO though… that’s a NO-GO. I’m connected to Verizon’s National Access, so I can obviously get connected, but it’s painful. The download speed has topped out around 340 Kbps with the upload about half that. Hopefully, by the time we save up for a house (or win the lottery), Verizon Wireless will get some EV-DO up this way.OfficeontherunThe funniest part is all of the people that stop by to ask me if that’s really a computer on the table. UMPCs haven’t hit these parts yet either although I’m doing my share: the person that bought my Q1P actually lives up this way too. Plus he’s a custom home builder in this area so we might do business again someday. Small world!



Wait, so you’re getting speeds at 340k but it isn’t EV-DO? Well…. it isn’t 1X either.. seems like it is EV-DO just not REV A


ox looks nice on their. I think I’ve decided to Keep vista ULTIMATE on my q1up. the Apple Keyboard works good in XP & vista also. (FYI if you didn’t already know)

Kevin C. Tofel

bluespapa: The wireless keyboard works great. The keys are identical to those on a MacBook. Touch-typing is a non-issue.

Clement, I’ll only keep the OS on there for a few more days at most. Experiences to follow.

Jan, I’ve used a slate UMPC as a primary mobile device for two years. You don’t need a keyboard if you use an operating system that supports inking. XP Tablet Edition and some Vista editions offer those functions. The Tablet Input Panel is even smart enough to recognize the context of the address bar. I never have to type “http://“, “www.”, or “.com” because there are buttons for those.


“I don’t need a keyboard due to ink capabilities (with Windows more-so) but I do need my connectivity.”

Kevin, how do you manage to use a web browser without a keyboard? How do you enter urls? Can you use search engines? Fill in the forms? Use internet banking? I’d love to have a slate form umpc but I’m afraid I couldn’t do even the most basic stuff without a keyboard. The built-in thumb keyboard must be very impractical (=slow). Correct me if I’m wrong, please. Could you imagine using Q1UP as your main device?


@bluespapa: Over here at Berkeley, one can see a few tablets once in a while, though they’re still a drop in the pond compared to notebooks and desktops; no UMPCs here either, though I suppose my P1620 is encroaching on that territory. Most students don’t really see the need in having a computer they can carry everywhere… besides, it’s a struggle to take notes in Word on a 800×480 screen….


Would be interested to hear more about your OSX86 experience as it would be perfect to have a small apple tablet…

How long do you plan to keep it on the Samsung?


It looks like the old IBM jr. chicklets keyboard. Can it possibly be useful for touch typing?

I’m in a college town, and I’ve seen maybe two tablets besides mine and Sharon sbtablet (and her husband’s–they saw mine first!), but never even once a UMPC. Makes me wonder what kids are coming to today (although when I make an assignment, I always have a few whip out their phones either to record the due date, which is what they tell me, or to text a friend).

Kevin C. Tofel

Oops, I missed Lorie’s question. Normally, I use the my ThinkOutside Stowaway Bluetooth keyboard, but I was in a rush this morning so I grabbed my Apple keyboard. Actually, it’s a better match for the OS. ;) The Samsung Q1UP’s “best friend” has to be the USB 727 EV-DO card. I don’t need a keyboard due to ink capabilities (with Windows more-so) but I do need my connectivity.

Kevin C. Tofel

Now that I’m back after another 100 mile drive:

Nomo: it *was* a good barley sandwich, although I had a roast beef on rye to wash it down. ;)

PJ: looking forward to what you think of your Q1UP. It’s among the most powerful UMPCs on the market; not without its flaws, but I’m very happy with mine.

Nate: testing Verizon’s service *is* work. Just ask the guy in the “can you hear me now commercials.” ;)

John, I wish I could say that I had a golf course on my property, but alas, I can’t. To clarify: we bought a lot in a 5,200 acre resort community. The community has an 18 hole course on the premises.

Raymond: not sure where you are, but I was just outside of Hazleton today. Even on the PA Turnpike I found spots with zero bars for AT&T phone coverage so there’s still some dead zones. They have plenty of time to fix ’em for me… unless we actually DO hit the lottery. :)

Lorie Ghamy


Is the Apple small bluetooth keyboard the best samsung friend on the road ?


I live just south of the Poconos in the Lehigh Valley area. I get a strong 3G signal every where I go around here. So hopefully that means it with stretch north in the near future for you.


Just got my Q1UP!! I’m so excited but I won’t be able to play with it for another couple of hours until I get home from work. Interesting thing is, I picked free standard shipping method, which would’ve taken 7-9 days according to the website, but it got here in 1 day! I’m so glad I didn’t pay $49 extra for the next-day delivery, which I was really tempted to do.

John in Norway

You’ll have to explain this to me Kevin. You have some property but there’s a golf course on it? How does that work?


Do you guys ever work?

Golf trips. Hanging out at Starbucks. I’m starting to notice a trend here.

Greg C

Nice OS(X) there Kevin! I am assuming the experiment is working well.


I’m waiting for my Q1 Ultra Premium and it’s just driving me nuts right now. XD It’s been on a FedEx delivery truck since 5 AM today so I’m hoping it’ll get here before I get off work. Ahh.. I can’t wait!!

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