Hulu Moving Onto Mobile?


Could online video site Hulu be appearing on mobile phones any time soon? B&C reports that Hulu CEO Jason Kilar delivering a National Association of Broadcasters keynote on Wedneday evening suggested that the NBCU and News Corp.-backed site could be developed for other platforms, including mobile phones. Kilar did not give any specific details, but said that Hulu needn



This is capable with the skyfire browser for smartphone. Skyfire can already view hulu and all other flash sites.

joel gordon

It seems some how appropriate that I found this article while surfing the internet on my phone. As someone who travels for business, it would be amazing if I could enjoy a service like hulu on those long lay overs. I might even be willing to pay a small premium for the privilege. By the way, I typed this response on my phone while waiting for a plane at the Reno airport.

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