Hands On with Blog It: Not Ready Yet

Wouldn’t it be great if you you could keep all of your social networks up to date with whatever you’re blogging, and what’s more, cross post between blogs?

At least, that’s the theory behind Six Apart’s new Facebook application, Blog It.

Great in theory – but light years to go in practice.
Six Apart\'s Facebook Application Blog ItYesterday, I saw several sites gushing over Blog It. I thought it would definitely be worth a try. I added it to my Facebook from this link and configured it to work with my two Typepad blogs, my main WordPress.org blog and what I think of as my social networks (Twitter, Pownce and Tumbir and of course Facebook).

Writing my post in Blog It reminded me of the early days of blogging: hand-entered HTML, no rich media, no categories, no trackbacks and I hope Firefox’s spellchecking is on. All that – or at least some sort of basic html editing buttons – is coming, according to Six Apart’s intro video.

Unfortunately, the real pain began after I hit the Post button. While my Typepad blogs and my Tumbir site updated faithfully, 30 45 minutes later the little in-progress icons for my WordPress.org, Twitter and Pownce are spinning pointlessly away.

Are these updates lost in some queue at Six Apart, Facebook or somewhere in between? I have no idea, but I won’t try this again for six months or so until the bugs are squashed, basic features such being able to group my real friend networks apart from my public networks is enabled, plus some basic blogging stuff like categories and trackbacks are enabled for the services that can use them. Make that nine months.

In fairness though, Blog It’s Update Status screen worked flawlessly posting my warn-off about Blog It to Facebook, Twitter and Pownce a moment ago – so as they say, your mileage my vary.


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