Fodder: YouTube Doles Out $1 Million In Ad Rev Share; CPMs Nowhere In Range

The “gotcha mongers” are having a field day with this: a little over four months after opening up its ad revenue sharing “partner program,” YouTube says that it has paid out $1 million to the program’s participants. The announcement on the site’s blogcomes as the partner program adds users in Japan, Australia and Ireland to those in the U.S., Canada and the UK. The program started last May, offering individuals whose videos reached a certain pageview and subscriber threshold a chance to compete for tapping the revenue from YouTube’s overlay system. By December, the program had about 100 users, which is the same number listed here. YouTube has been reticent about revealing additional details, such as how many users it expects to add in the partner program, what the average payout is and what the largest amount paid to a single partner was.

Over at NewTeeVee, Liz Gannes checks in on at least one user and does a little math as well. She found that <a href="" title="