MySpace India Launched: 500,000 Users In India; Tie-Up With Saregama; Events Planned


MySpace India, which as been live since January, has finally been “officially” launched: there’s a gig today in Mumbai featuring Pentagram, The Super Fuzz, Them Clones, followed by an after-party featuring The Raghu Dixit Project, Shaair and Func and Swarathma. MySpace is also planning a Developer Platform workshop in Bangalore on April 21. MySpace had launched a Korean site earlier this week.




Yeah, a clarification would be good. When they say Indian users do they mean Indian IPs? I am fairly certain they do because tracking 500,000 Indian users just based on their names alone is a Herculean task.

But with social networks, the question is not how many users they have, but how many users visit their website on a regular basis to interact with each other.


myspace cannot have 500000 users from india even before its launched. pls someone prove this . these would be indians abroad and that too in US who just have an indian name .

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