NYC Closer to FiOS TV


It’s times like this I wish I still lived in Brooklyn. It looks like New Yorkers from Staten Island to the Bronx could eventually get Verizon’s FiOS TV service in their homes if regulators and city lawmakers approve. Verizon already offers its fiber to the home broadband service in portions of the five boroughs, but under this plan, 3.1 million homes within the city will have the ability to dump their cable provider for FiOS TV by mid-2014.



They should remove the over-whelming commercials from TV until then. They offer all of these amazing deals (i.e. free flat screen tv) when only a handful people can even get FIOS. I hate to be teased!


Stacey, possibly more effective in this case since VZ would prob give about anything to gain cable access to NY. More of a quid pro quo here.

Stacey Higginbotham

Tom, kind of how the FCC tied net neutrality into the AT&T/Bell South merger? I’m not sure how effective such approaches are.

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