Clinton, Obama and Blitzer: The Avatars


If you’re anything like me, you’re following the Democratic primaries with one hand over your eyes, shouting “Oh my gawd, don’t say that!” at pretty much every news item. Now all it takes is a webcam and’s Candidate Avatar Pack to be part of the impending car wreck it’s become.

Simply download the installation, sit in front of your webcam, and speak through the puppet-like avatar of Clinton, Obama or CNN’s Wolf Blitzer (McCain and Huckabee avatars are also available, for Republican support or mockery). It’s supposed to be compatible with video chat for AIM, MSN and Skype, so you can use it to debate or berate your friends in various channels. Here’s a YouTube video of the avatars in action, and it’s more than a bit bizarre. Then again, slightly less odd than bickering about bitter religious gun owners as the national economy melts down.

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