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Blogging with the HP Mini-Note- what’s up with Laptop Mag?

I’m happily working away in the local coffee shop using the device that very well may be my next purchase:


I was doing some web research for an article I’m writing and ran across this:


Our readers beg to differ, Laptop!  They are good folks though.  :)

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  1. gotminecoming

    Great idea – me too. I got the $550 version with 1.2Ghz CPU and 120G SATA, but from newegg I got this (might be cheaper elsewhere):
    Crucial CT32GBFAB0 2.5″ 32GB SATA2 External Solid state disk (SSD) – Retail ($729)

    I’m using the 32G SSD in my big laptop until the HP2133 arrives, and HDTune reports avg 92MB/sec reads. :) Expensive, but includes static write leveling! and Micron chips. I can swap it with any of my laptop SATA drives. Most excellent!

    Opinions? I know the SSD is way expensive, but they keep getting cheaper and some better quality.

  2. legokid

    For $50 more than that base unit price, I’m tempted to order the slightly faster processor, 2x RAM and upgraded a/b/g wireless (unless that’s just a misprint), but I prefer a SSD over the HD for lower weight, less power drain and improved boot time. How easy would it be to replace the SATA HD with a 4GB (or larger) SSD? I’m assuming I could sell the 120GB HD and recoup some of the cost. Am I crazy?

  3. gotminecoming

    Good news. HP shipped mine today, drop shipped directly from China. Even though the HP website and email status update said they would be shipping on 28 April. HP is moving faster than expected. :)

  4. I ordered the same $750 model James is testing last week during our podcast (10 April) and on Monday I found out it wouldn’t ship until at least 10 May. They did offer to give me free, expedited shipping. Last night, I canceled my order and decided to stick with my U810. It really does everything I want and has a 5+ hour battery life. I have an extra battery and the docking cradle too so it is quite a setup. I have XP running on it and can video Skype just fine as well as play Hulu and Amazon Unbox videos perfectly in full screen mode. The keyboard is small, but I decided I can just use my BT Think Outside one for real text entry.

    I also like to use the U810 in Tablet mode for reading and taking notes so I’ll keep my little Ubacca for now.

    I plan to wait and see a Mini Note and the new Asus Eee PC 900 in person before making a purchase of something I don’t need. If I did I would either load it with XP or give Linux a go.

  5. @Eric Chen…

    Since you swapped the disk, can you tell us what brand/model of HDD was in there? What type of connector? 1.8″?

    It would be useful if one wants to upgrade the HDD to an SSD (32GB, maybe)…


  6. @Vance: Vistanistas are amongst us! Gird your loins!

    I’m still waiting for the first account that details:

    1) SUSE (fek the u/lc) usage and battery life with it

    2) Dumping the Linux, putting on XP, and reporting performance and battery life with *that*

    Also, I’d like to know what the SSD is like. Anyone thinking third-parties will offer fatter and cheap ones? I’d go SSD if I could get it to at least 16GB.

  7. John in Norway

    I phoned HP this morning to order one of these. After ten minutes of not getting anywhere I asked the lady if we could speak English. It immediately became apparent that she had never heard of the Mininote, had no idea what Linux was and was not aware that anyone apart from Intel made processors.

    Are you lot having some kind of April Fool’s joke on me or is this a device that’s only available to a tiny minority of people?

  8. I know Vista will be killing this thing, i mean, even laptops might have problems with that OS. I am more interested in know if the Mini is running well or great with GNU/Linux, anybody comparison SuSE / Vista or maybe even Ubuntu? Or did somebody actually install XP on it? Come on guys…try some things, tweak that beast…and the last choice should be vista :-)

  9. Vance,

    That’s what I was thinking — that the $499 SUSE model would be best in terms of battery life and not running hot. I’ve been using an Eee PC for the past 4 months (running Xandros, my first experience with a Linux OS) and I love it — the only drawback is the too-small keyboard. I’m thinking a SUSE Mini-Note may be just what I’m looking for.

  10. Vance,

    That’s what I was thinking — that the $499 SUSE model would be best in terms of battery life and not running hot. I’ve been using an Eee PC for the past 4 months (running Xandros, my first experience with a Linux OS) and I love it — the only drawback is the too-small keyboard. I’m thinking a SUSE Mini-Note may be just what I’m looking for.

  11. I got my 1.2GHz SUSE Linux Mini this morning. After 40 minutes playing with SUSE Linux, I decided to swap out the hard disk and format the machines into Vista. I still have linux on the original HP disk. Maybe I will try it sometime later when I have more time. I got my Vista running on 1.2GHz with 2GB of RAM. It is not fast compare to my other laptops (many c2d laptops), but I am happy with size, weight and wish processor performance can be more snappy, but it is Via C7-M processor.

  12. akcanuck

    I called HP today after I got an error on the website checking my order status. They said it wouldn’t be shipping until the end of April or early May. I ordered it on 4/10. I almost canceled it but was too excited about it.

  13. Again, if heat and battery life are a concern, the model with the 1.0ghz cpu is clearly the best choice. It draws less than half the power of the 1.6ghz version. And no hard drive to spin, either!

    No Vista, but do you really want a two minute boot time in a MOBILE device? Functionally mobile, people. Think functionally mobile. Physically mobile only counts for so much.

  14. I don’t find the Mini to run warm or the fan to run excessively while on battery (HP Optimized or Power Saver). Like most mobile computers it does run warm with the battery on while plugged in because the processor defaults for maximum performance.

  15. Wow, they’re delivering already? Anyone got any comments on the SuSE install?

    I spoke with one of HP’s people, and was told it runs Gnome and that you can’t get it with Bluetooth and Linux yet but might be able to mix and match things in the future.

  16. Mike,
    Keyboard – Super outstanding
    VIA – 1.6Ghz = fine. Video needs tweaking. Took me awhile to get Sling to stream audio and video together. Found out a Windows update was downloading, which is probably what the problem was. I’d say video is going to be it’s most difficult task to process. Playing Buffy at full screen from was a little jerky at full screen.
    Screen size – also took some tweaking. I don’t like what happens to print when the screen resolution is bumped from the native 1280×768; some letters get oddly pixelated and/or darkened.
    Fan does run constantly – James probably never noticed it because he uses it in noisy Starbucks. :)
    Does get quite warm on the bottom, but since I use it in the living room with a pillow backed lapdesk, it’s not like it’s burning my legs or anything.
    Side mounted mouse buttons: Not that hard to get used to. The scroll thingie is harder to manage, IMHO. Still need to go find the tweak for that.
    After three hours of real use, I’d give it a B+, but only because I’m having to figure out Vista at the same time.

    Overall, pleased with the Mini…won’t be selling it on Ebay.

  17. >>>though I’m not sure how they’d feel about unsolicited visitors. ;)

    Aw, heck, they wouldn’t even know I was there. I walk by night. Heh-heh.

    Well come on all you Mini owners!! How’s that keyboard? How’s that VIA chip hold up (or hold you back)? We are starving for more hands-on info!

  18. Mine came this morning too. Let me tell you, the unboxing video would have been very short. The notebook, a battery, an adapter, and three pieces of paper (quick start, tech support, and support center locations).

    One thing I did find out…don’t try using the Mini after going to the eye doctor and getting your eyes dilated…you’ll want to send the thing back in a hurry! Mini and I are coming to an agreement on the ability to read the small screen. Guess the eye doc was right about needing a new prescription!

    Now, off to buy the Waterfield case…

  19. Aiiiiie! People already HAVE it?! Did any of you bother to post videos to show the rest of us? Or even pictures?

    I wonder … is Laptop Mag based in NYC? Maybe they’ll let me invite myself over so I can molest that keyboard for a few minutes?

  20. Jack McClure

    I ordered the new HP Mini 4/11. Do you know of anybody who got theirs yet? How does it compare to the VYE or OQO2?

    Thanks for the videos and reviews.

    I use to be very active with HAL-PC in the 80’s. Started the first multiline bulletin board, setup the monthly meetings and free library.