Asus Eee PC 900 officially unveiled

News20080415Holding off on an HP Mini purchase to see what the second-generation Asus Eee PC will sport? The details arrived in the form of a press release with few surprises. The Eee PC 900-series is under a kilo in weight but ups the screen size and resolution over the 700-series. The 8.9-inch display bumps up to 1024 x 600, which is certainly more enjoyable than the 800 x 480 of the older model. There’s some basic multi-touch functionality on the trackpad if you want to zoom in or out on the display, which certainly beats moving your head closer or farther away for a similar effect.The Windows version offers two SSD modules, one 4 GB and one 8 GB, while the Linux version swaps the 8 GB out for a 16 GB SSD module to offer a full 20 GB of capacity. Both versions come with 1 GB of memory standard, the 1.3-megapixel webcam (an improvement), integrated WiFi and what looks to be the same Intel Celeron CPU as the older model. Not much of a surprise there as at CES, Asus was gearing for an early spring launch and the Atom wasn’t expected to be in devices until mid-year. Asus didn’t announce a price in the release, but I’d hazard a guess in the $450 to $550 range.After using the older Eee PC to cover CES, I can say that it’s a handy little unit that can be used almost anywhere due to its small size and weight. The keyboard is cramped, but I’m able to touch-type on it. The new model addresses one of the largest issues: a bigger screen with a higher resolution. The additional storage is nice too, but was never a concern for me personally due to my reliance on web-based apps and storage.(via Engadget)


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