Blog Post To Target India

Video streaming co TinselVision has expanded its online content distribution arrangements with STAR India and other licensors to include streaming content to India as well. Tinselvision had deals with STAR, Zee, B4U, Zoom and others to provide content on demand, and as per the release, is going to announce more content deals soon. The Innovative Entertainment funded company is also going to launch a community portal called ChannelMine and a beta home service called Veodi.

At present, Tinselvision is providing content on Pay-Per-View; I wonder if they’re going change their model to offer advertising supported streaming in India. From a content providers perspective – the more the number of online retailers for their content, the better. There are, however, bandwidth issues with streaming content in India. Perhaps a download to own model might work better here, if people actually pay for that.

Cerius Adds: I just checked with Tinselvision, Star and B4U Music have gone free, Zoom has been ad supported streaming since the start. According to the spokesperson, sampling of free content has been higher and they are looking at taking all TV content providers out of the paid wall.

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