Nokia Paying Universal Music $35 Per User For Comes With Music?

More unconfirmed rumors as to how much Nokia (NYSE: NOK) is paying Universal Music Group for its music to be a part of Nokia’s “Comes With Music” service, from THR: “A well-informed mobile industry executive who wishes to remain anonymous told me on the hush that handset giant Nokia is paying record label Universal Music Group $35 for every phone that Nokia loads with access to Universal’s music library. Neither Nokia nor Universal would confirm the deal.”

Does the figure sound about right? If the deal involved Universal’s hopeful Total Music service it would come to $60 for the year — but that reportedly includes Sony (NYSE: SNE) BMG Music Entertainment and maybe Warner Music Group (NYSE: WMG), and if Nokia had access to music from those labels it would certainly say so. The article points out that if Nokia puts the service on one percent of its handsets (and assuming it sells 500 million handsets next year) it would be $175 million in UMG’s pocket.